2011 YZ450F Akrapovic exhaust ??

I cannot seem to find one in stock. Where is the best place to buy from? I want the evo system with carbon tip, either slip on or full in Ti.

Can't give you a source on the systems, but I can give you some info that may save you some money. Dave at MRD Racing researched the OEM system when he set out to learn how to improve on it. Through his testing, he discovered that there is nothing significantly wrong with the OEM header, and the one he ended up fabricating during testing is nearly identical to stock. The muffler is what holds the bike back. It has a sudden reduction in diameter near the outlet (apparently as a way of reducing noise) that causes the power to fall off sharply at high revs. A good slip-on designed to work with the original header is all that's really needed, so that's all Dave builds for it at present.

Thanks for the info!

Plus I bet the header is a b iatch to fabricate...

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