cooling issues with clark 2.7 gal tank?

Just installed my new 2.7 gal Clarkes tank (love it!) but noticed it might restrict flow of air out the rear of the rads and covers the cylinder head on both sides....anyone with an aftermarket tank chime in.

The coverage of the head is a non-issue since it's a water cooled engine. My son ran the Clarke for a long time without heating problems, and I run an IMS 3.3 in longer races. Neither has been problematic, although we don't do as much really tight slow stuff as some do. Under those conditions, air flow obstructions are not really the issue, anyway.

I had the same concern a few years ago when I installed the IMS tank on my YZ, especially since I often ride in some pretty tight woods. Turns out there was no problem.

Went for a rip yesterday in 30 degree (celcius) issues at all. Thanks for the input as it put my mind to ease and just let me ride!

I run a Clarke tank. The only issue I had when I first fitted it was heat transfer from the engine into the petrol.

For peace of mind I fitted some heat shield to the lower inside surfaces of the tank.

I ride in desert conditions all year round, never had any heat related issues with my tank.

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