hanging idlle wr 400 '99

Still have my hanging idle!! change the pilotjet for a 50 i try 2-3 turn back on mixture screw,i also check intake boot for crack and tight hose clamp.... still the idle don't come down easily. I have the airbox cover remove and i run a Yosh rs3 full exhaust. If i play with needle will it affect my idle!?

or should simply swap for a more recent yam carb ..like a wr or yz 450. It is not fun to ride the bike in tight section in the woods with that fast idle,

All the help you can give me is welcome

"Idle" issues or other "throttle" problems are probably a sign the TPS on your carb is going bad.

Very common problems include, Erratic idle-"Sticky" throttle like a cable is hanging up or "stammering" over rough terrain.

You can unplug it and see if it helps.

What is really that tps thing doing..is it connected to the cdi unit... you see i am from the old school. Mikuni carb with no tps or acc.pump so! This bike is 12 years old so maybe the carb is worn out . Is there a way i can check with an ohm meter that tps thing.or symply the carb need to be change or overhauled!

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