pilot screw **Help**

I took out the pilot screw on 01 wr426, I did not find the washer and o-ring shown in manual. I do not see it in the carb. Do these normally come out with the adjustment screw and the spring? I have a low speed lean condition, I think this may be the problem. Yamaha only sells the whole assembly for $24, can I get a washer and a o-ring somewhere else?

Well I pulled the pilot jet and it looks almost plugged, it's at 42 and the hole looks way smaller than a 38. I still want to know if I am missing an O-ring.

Double check to make sure that the o ring and washer aren't stuck in the pilot screw hole. Do you have the spring still?

I have the spring. I replaced the plugged P jet with a 45 and it runs much better. I didn't have the carb off, but using a mirror and a plastic bread tie I couldn't find a washer or O-ring in the carb. It doesn't leak fuel, and I spayed carb cleaner around screw at idle and it didn't make a difference I could tell. I think I am going to have to pull carb for a cleaning as previous owner left old gas in it, no doubt why the jet was plugged.

I also lost my oring and washer. If you find a place to get them cheap, let me know.

I got off my butt and went to carbparts.com (they carry slant CR parts). They list it under road parts but I would be amazed if the pilot screw is different from the dirt FCRs.

O-ring: 16075-KG8-9010-M1

washer: 0301-803-2000

This should be a big savings over the Yamaha dealer, who sells the pilot screw, spring, washer, and oring as an assembly for $36.

I order the parts today from sudco, they have a $10 min. so I got a bowl gasket to make it $15. The 40 PJ I put in already was getting plugged, every think else was good. With the 40 it was rich with a GYTR insert, good with no insert, so I put in a 38PJ and will wait for the O-ring.

Ditto on Sudco. I lost my washer & O-ring when changing to a ZipTy fuel screw, and they were the cheapest. I ordered extras in case it happens again.

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