2010 yz 450 f sag


I am 90kg

I have set up my 103mm race sag

and i am getting 43mm static sag? it should be 25-30mm yea??

But when i check the racetech spring calculator it says to buy a softer spring?

The bike has stock springs....

so i am very confused, anyone else this weight running stock springs?

It recommends the closest to 5.684 and seeing as how the stock spring is 5.7, that's pretty darn close.


Recommended Shock Spring Rate: 5.684 kg/mm (use closest available)

Stock Shock Spring Rate: 5.7 kg/mm (stock)

Yea thats what i thought...

which is why i am so confused on how i am getting 13mm more static sag then the recomended maximum??

Linkage ratios account for some of what you see as "excessive" static sag. There seems to be a trend toward statics in the 35-40 range with race sag around 100 with springs that are otherwise correct for the rider weight, based on observations made of some recent models.

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