hpsd on 07wr450 accomplished

Hi there ,just letting you know that you can graft a honda hpsd steering damper on wr450 07 whilst retaining stock headlight in factory position. Firstly I purchased a ride engineering adaption bracket,cut the post off it (I know its sacralige its a beautiful billet part consider it collateral damage) I cut the post to 22mm long o/a. Then I drilled & taped a 7mm hole into bottom triple clamp (7mm from the top surface & centred). After that I measured 83mm from centre of hole in lower triple clamp to centre of post.I had to linish a little off the rear edge to get it sit flat but not much. I then positioned it & tig welded it on. After a thorough rebuild thanks to the excellent sticky I bolted it up with a 3mm spacer between lower eyelet of damper & triple clamp (I made it from some ally tube I had lying around). ground the head of the top bolt down to approx 3mm left on, locktited the top & bottom bolts in and it all looks and feels great. Next was to trim the headlight, took dust boot off & with a grinder trimmed the veritical plastic fins that were clashing with the damper refitted boot & cable tied it on for good measure,also had to delete speedo cable bracket adjacent to damper using a bolt & large flat washer to clamp it down slapped some grease on top mount to make it glide past the boot, bolted headlight back up and its job done. When I did the rebuild on the damper I used 20w oil & have it at 10 clicks out its amazing the adjustability you can acheive,I am really pumped at this mod Ive done & all for about $200 bucks & plus I think its an AUSSIE 1st if not world cheers Andy


whoa! its Mr negativity, do you think I had pics to follow the directions are concise use your noodle dude!

I agree with Krannie. Pics would make this much better.

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