What stator do i need?

ok, so i have a 2000 yz426, the bike wast street legal when i bought it, about a month ago now i was riding it and it quit, started doing some digging, and came to the conclusion that its the source two coil on the stator, here is my problem, i have been told to put lights on the yz's you need a wr stator, so, do i need a wr stator from a newer 426? or the 400, because the dealership told me they dont know, and there was never a wr426 built in 2000, and the 2001 yz coil wont fit the 2000 yz, so does this meen the wr wont either? im lost here and just want to get back on it, i bought it june 1st, broke my anckle on it june 10th, healed up after 2 months, rode it a few weeks, then the stator went out, all i wanna do is ride my bike, i have been after this bike for years now, and after i got it this shit happens lol ***?

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