Electrical issues continue

I have an '07 450 that has been giving me fits of late. Replaced the OEM stator when I bought new with the Moose stator so I could light the bike. It failed and I re-installed the OEM stator, when I got the Moose rewound stator back I re-installed it. Early this season I had an issue with the bike cutting out, dying and restarting after it cooled. Without going through a complete diagnostic of the problem I pulled the Moose stator in favor of the OEM. The problem persisted with the OEM stator and ultimately led to the coil failing. I bought a used coil and the bike ran fine for about 20 hours with the original stator. During a ride last weekend the problem presented itself and it looks like the coil failed again. I bought another coil as well as another OEM stator, both used off eBay. When I got the items yesterday it appears the stator I bought was bad, the bike would not start due to not getting spark. The coil checked out, the primary coil output on the stator did not. I still have my original OEM stator and am hesitant to put it back on the bike despite it checking out fine with my multimeter. I have also since replaced the CDI and all the wiring between the stator, coil and CDI.

I really want to put this to rest and would like to replace the original stator with another used one.

Do I risk running my original stator with this new (used) coil? Or should I bite the bullet on yet another new (used) one? Have a long trip planned for next week and really don't want this issue to continue.

Thanks in advance for your input!

a common term "used"

i think i'd go with new parts and forget about the problem

a common term "used"

i think i'd go with new parts and forget about the problem

Prefer not to spend $500 dollars to fix the problem.

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