YZ400F cut out

i was out riding some tight single track woodland today on my 99 yzf 400 when it backfired, then Just died. It didn't appear to have overheated but wouldn't start for nearly an hour. Now it's fine.

Do these bikes cut out when they overheat? I'm reluctant to take it out again incase it does it again.

mine overheats once in a while in traffic and deff doesn't do what you are talking about

Does it still run as strong as it did before?

They have no particular system to make them cut out when they overheat.

What you describe doesn't sound catastrophic.

If it is running OK I would take out out again.

If it was hot, lack of starting could be due to technique, not using the hot start etc.

It still runs great. I'm all over the hot start lever and have no trouble starting it hot or cold generally.

I've changed the plug and will see if it happens again.

Not sure what else to do other than strip it down.

Could something be up with ur carb and the float or something might be off or got stuck and flooded it for a sec,

Yeah maybe. Might give the carb a once over. Cheers.

did you just get water where it should not be?

maybe you got something electrical wet and it didn't like it

Vapor lock...if it happens again, try removing the gas cap.

I was thinking you could have got some ignition component wet and it didn't like it.

I don't think it got wet and it had been running fine for 40 minutes ish before it died so i don't think it was vapour lock. Going out on it again next weekend so will see what hapens then.

Many thanks for your posts.

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