stock XR650R BHP?

does anyone know what the stock HP is for a 2002 XR650R?

(Ca. bike)



Yes, Stock HP is reported to be 43. Uncorked, the bike puts out a reported 55. Torque values are actually more impressive than the HP values, since the high torque output is what really propels the bike up to speed in a hurry, very similar to a CR500 but without the "hit". However, it's still not close to the power of a CR500 (65+ HP and much lighter), it just feels similar is all.



i was wondering why i've been smoking KTM LC4's :):D

Actual rear wheel hp on

Dirt Bike's dyno:

uncorked XR650R: 50

CR500R: 56

The key to the puzzle is torque and how much torque there is at the rear wheel at given RPM's in relation to the gearing being used. HP is calculated from torque as follows: HP = torque x rpm / 5252

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