iphone 4 charger on YZ450

Has anyone ever installed an iphone4 or equivalent mobile phone charger on the standard alternator coil on a YZ450? (or equivalent 450 dirtbike)?

I'm not sure the coil will be able to handle the charger + existing headlight (which I have on the bike).

It should be able to. Its only like 3 or 4 volts. I bet you could just put a 12v outlet on and run alot bigger stuff like big spotlights and little air compressors. If something is using to much power just have a switch on the headlight so you can turn it off and on when you want.

No. The coil is built to only handle the ignition system on these bikes. How are you running a headlights on a YZ450f coil? I can only assume your damaging something by putting too much strain on the ignition system because of the headlight.


"•14 volt / 110W high output generator powers the battery less fuel injection system."

I put a freakin trail tech vapor on my 08 450 and it wouldn't run at idle with it...lol I ended up running the vapor off a 9 volt bat and had worked very well...pretty funny that a 9 copy will run it but the bike wont...lol ya what he said.....how r u running a head light unless its a wr??? Bike is only made to run itself and thats that...I found that out last week ........

Ok...didn't see that post....I feel stupid.....lol. awsome.

system can handle low power consumption front LED front and rear tail light, didn't know the output was that low, bike will stall then if I hook a charger to the coil.

thanks guys

Well It might work if you turned the lights off

no battery on the YZ450 :)

no battery on the YZ450 :)

Trade up to a KTM450SX. Battery for ya lol

Trade up? You like riding an orange shopping cart, fine. I'll stick with a YZF.

Trade up? You like riding an orange shopping cart, fine. I'll stick with a YZF.

LOL my thoughts exactly.:)

i'm still confused how a yz450 runs a headlight?:)

2009 and earlier years cannot (low output stator)

2010 and later can (high output stator)

should clear things up?

ahhh, yes, better now.:)

Trade up? You like riding an orange shopping cart, fine. I'll stick with a YZF.

:) :)


You can run low consumption light kits on any YZ450F, including those with low output stators. The stator can handle the power requirment of the low power consuming LEDs, I have an 08 which runs them fine. Here in Australia/Victoria, they sell these light kits because to ride in the bush, you require a brake/tail light, head light and horn.

Can you actually see anything with these LED low power lights?

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