kickstarter grinding noise while running?

I was riding the other day and I heard a slight grinding noise from the clutch side of the bike. I got off the bike and the noise was coming from the kickstarter shaft area. I barely moved the kickstarter back and the noise amplified tremendously. I tore the cover off at the shop and inspected the kickstarter spring. It looked fine and the spring was in the proper hole. Any ideas on this. When I put it back together, it still did made the noise.



I've got a 99 WR that has had a similar problem. My kickstarter internals broke earlier this year and it required replacement of the crankcases. Check the "kickstarter stopper" assembly. That's the part that bolts onto the crankcase and retains the starter mechanism once it returns to the resting position. Mine had weakened the threads and pulled out of the case. It was making a ratcheting noise right before it gave up the ghost. If you catch it now, you may be able to fix it at little cost with the right kind of thread repair (NOT helicoil).

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Thanks Rich, I will look into that. This bike has been very frustrating. Every three rides or so the motor develops another problem. IE- cb key, timing chain, and now this. I hope this is the last of it.

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