YZ426 Good or bad?

ive heard GREAT THINGS about the yz426 and ive heard real bad things. so i was wondering if you all could help me make a decision? should i get the yz426? it seems likes a good bike but i want to make sure im getting my moneys worth and a bike that will work great. Thanks for the help everyone

I've had mine about 3 or 4 weeks now and so far I love it. Only had it on an MX track once.. in the mud.. but I had a great time. The power is wonderful. You can lug it through a corner in 2nd or third and then accelerate really hard without even using the clutch. I got along with the suspension too. I'm a long time off-roader but brand new to MX so some other people may have better feedback for you, but I personally am very glad that I got the 426 and I would buy it again given the chance to make the decision again.

I am happy with my 426F. I have the option to ride just about any bike out there and choose to ride the 426F. The only bike that may be more fun is the 250F. I am an old time CR fan and the last good Honda in my opinion was the 96 CR250. (Which is the bike I rode until late 99 when I threw a leg over the 400F. The 426 is reliable, however, still not quite up to the level Honda is at in that department. (No opinion on Honda's new Thumper yet)

I am in agreement with the others. I love my yz426. I got it in Feb. and have put some good hours in on both the track and the trails and I love it in both conditions. The only problem I have had with my bike was getting use to starting the thing. The first couple of rides I thought my leg was going to fall off. But, I have it down know and I can start it no problem. Other than that, no complaints.

I've owned and raced my 426 in MX for over a year now. I've owned every color and almost every cc size out there and he 426 has been one of the best and one of the cheapest to operate bikes I've ever owned. Handles great for a big bore does want to push sometimes but all in all it handles great. Suspension is one of the best stock suspensions (for MX)I've ever owned off the show room floor for dailing in, it isnt perfect but pretty damn good. Power is soooooo sweet, I dont have to say another word. In a year I've only bought tires, chain & sprockets, and fork seals. The tank cracked buy Yammy replaced it for free and God as my witness, Im still racing on the "stock plug" I'm totally shocked,it doesnt miss a beat. Keep the oil changed and everything lubed and you'll have nothing to worry about. I'll tell anyone to buy a 426, I've got a Honda 450 on order and its not because of any problem with the 426 it just because I want to try another bike. If the CRF450 doesnt work out I'll be back to the 426 in a heartbeat.


Great Power, Great Handling, A little heavy, but for my money, I'll have a Honda next time. Too many strange things going wrong with my bike and some of my friend's 00/426's. If you don't mind blown fork seals, clutch chatter, or broken gas tanks, the bike is great. For me there are too many oddball problems, and short of threats Yamaha is not too easy to deal with. My dealer is great though, but he doesn't make all the decisions. If he did, Yamaha would get my business again next time.

My .02


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