"hotstart" vs "decomp"

Hey TT'ers...

Looking for a new clutch perch for my '99WR400 and I'm noticing that many are available with integrated hotstart... usually for no older a bike than an 01 YZ426. I want a clutch perch that integrates my decomp lever into the perch and frees up some much needed bar space for the dual sport blinker / hi / lo / kill switch that I plan on installing this winter. (I'm just getting a jump-start on the parts list now...)

My question is: Can the stubby extra lever that they claim is a "hotstart" be hooked up to my decomp lever? Or is it specific to the hostart option on MX bikes? (yes, I do know I have a hotstart knob on the side of the carb).

If not, does anyone know where I can GET one of the integrated perches with decomp lvr? I plan on getting Power-Lever stubbies in blue for both clutch and brake levers if I can... but I need at least the clutch perch to integrate the decomp and free up that bar space!

Any advice / products in use out there or seen by fellow riders would be welcome!

I installed a carb from a WR450 with integrated hotstart (that is cable operated) and changed to a clutch perch from a WR450. To get rid of the decomp lever completely I got a set of hotcams.

It might cost a few bucks but it was well worth it I think.

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