riding areas in south florida (cont'..)

I didn't see the original thread for riding areas in S. Fl so here is a new one.

I just tried the Thundercross track in okeechobee this weekend and it was a lot of fun! Not a real high speed track (2nd and 3rd the whole time) but the layout is fun and it is very well maintained. It took me about 10 min/lap (I'm slow at MX :) ), Lots of doubles/tripples and a couple of table tops. They have practice on Saturdays (races on Sundays) and it is $15 to ride and $2 to spectate. Porta potties too. They also have a woods trail (I haven't tried it yet) and for $20 you can ride both the woods trail and the MX track. To get there take beeline until it dead ends into an intersection in okeechobee. Turn right and go down about 3 miles to 80th ave. Turn left. About 1-2 miles down the road you will see the sign where you will turn left, then you're pretty much there. They open at 10 and close at 5 and you can reach them at 1-863-357-2277 . Gas is cheap in Okeechobee too ($1.60 for 93 octane). Great place to try if you're looking for a S. Fl riding area!

Is that the Kirton Ranch site?

I believe that it is but I'm not 100% positive. I'm headed there right now as soon as I get the truck loaded if you're headed there today (hope to be there before 11:00 am). If you're lookin to bump into a new person then look for a white toyota tacoma 4x4 and a guy wearing old jeans and a yellow long sleve shirt. Yahoo, time to go riding!!! :)

I read the sign when I was there today, it is indeed the Kirton ranch. Lots of fun, I'm ready to go back again! Also I had the new experience of being jumped OVER yesterday. Some faster guys on 250s were coming up behind me so I pulled to the side to let them go by. Instead they went over. New experience. :)

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