drive chain cleaning

What do you all use to clean the drive chain? The book recommends kerosene, but it's hard to find here. I tried "purple power" degreaser from discount autoparts and after soaking in it for 10 min the old grease was "mostly" disolved, but there were still some chunks here and there. I do use Maxima Chain Wax which may be part of the problem (does anyone know if this stuff disolves well in degreaser?). Are there any recommendations for something better?

If you're talking about the stock pos chain, I use regular old gas and then let dry and lube with chain lube (most brands are good). This may not be the perscribed method but it gets it clean...with a little toothbrushing. If you have a nice chain (sealed o-ring) then all you do is wash and wd40. The stock chain is junk anyway...just my opinion.


Yes, eBay, it's not just your opinion that the stock chain is junk -- it's fact! Anyways sirthumpalot, after you replace the stock POS chain with something nice, clean it with a bit of WD40 and a wire brush (Warning, do not use a wire brush on O-Ring chains).

My drill for cleaning the chain is this, after washing my bike I immediately spray the chain with WD40 to get water out of the thing. I then take the wire brush to it and get all the lube, dirt, oil, track banners, etc. off it till it's nice and clean. I then lube it, and I, too, use Maxima Chain Wax and have had really good luck with the stuff.

Just my .02.

sir- I got the best way ever to clean a chain (non O-ring, I'm not so sure if I'd do this to an O-ring). You spray it off with the hose or power sprayer first, then go kype your wife's little brush thing she uses in the ktchen, soak it with Dawn dish soap or anything that cuts grease, then have somebody spin your rear wheel while you scrub away. Be sure to spray oil all over it soon after and it works great. I've used a Renthal works chain for about eight months and have only had to tighten it after 3 races on average. Still on the stock sprockets on my '00 bought last June...

I use the "Grunge" brush. It has a 3 sided nylon brush arrangement that fits perfectly around a chain. It even has replaceable bristles. Generally just some water and WD-40 along with the brush does the trick. For serious mud/grit, some simple green or the like will work. Just spin the rear tire while holding the brush, it takes about 2 minutes for the chain to come out spotless. The brush is about $12.

I'm not real big on using gas or kerosene--volatile, bad for the environment and your skin. The spots they leave never come out of the lawn, driveway, etc.

Oh yeah, it's so easy that you actually use it and the chain will last MUCH longer if you scrub it after every ride. Again, it's a 2 minute job. Removing it is way too much work!

Nylon Bristle brush, WD-40, and a shop wrag for my O-Ring chain. Hose with WD-40, hit it with the brush, wipe off with a rag, repeat.


You guys with the o-rings don't find that your sprockets wear out faster when you only use WD40 and no chain lube? Also how many rides do you get before they start to kink up on you?

I thought that the idea of an o-ring is that you don't need lube because it doesn't get inside anyway. The wd40 is mainly to keep it from rusting after washing...not really used as lubricant.

I think wd40 is a pretty lousy lubricant but it's great for prohibiting rust and as a mild solvent for cleaning parts...

just my .02

pressure wash...quick spray of wd 40 to prohibit rust...wipe off...white lithuim spray lube...your chain will last forever and look show cool..

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