Front Tire

Looking for a new front tire. I ride rocky trails for the most part. One that looks good is the IRC VE39. Anyone have experience with it?

Otherwise from my searches, the M12 looks like one of the most liked tires out there.

I used the IRC 39 and it was for holding on a side hill. However it did not matter if I had 20lbs. of air or 14lbs. it always felt like it was low on air. I will say that I will never run it again because two times in a row I got a pinch flat with that tire with both air presures mentioned above. The reason is is that it by far has the weakest side wall of all the tire made. I went to a Dunlop 755 because Dunlop by far has the stiffest side wall. So basically I am giving up a little cornering for not getting pinch flats. I hate flats. I would not mind trying the M12 however. Let me know if you use it how you like it. Again I seem to be the only one I know that likes rock and I ride them fast and agresive for pinch flats are a huge issue with me. Now the m12 rear looks awsome for the rear. I currently run a Bridgstone 602 and have had two on the bike this year.

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