2000 KTM 380 EXC For Sale

The Orange Crippler....................


This is how it goes, 29 year old best friend buys 85 xr350, rides for less than one year,likes riding, thinks, must go faster, buys 2000 KTM 380 EXC, rides for 20 minutes, twice, then breaks femur. Friend recovers, starts riding again, but has the fear bad. Result bike for sale with less than 8 rides on it. Bikes is in near showroom condition. Handguards, pipe guard, skid plate, jetted by KTM dealership with new slide.

Bike is located in Pacific Northwest, make offer or trade for 4 stroke!!!!!!!!!

I'm interested I have a 00 yz426,very well maintained located on Vancouver Island.If you are interested my email address is hobbsvalerie@telus.net

Check your Email DRZorro!!!

If you mean me I have received no mail.

Email for Team Oatmeal Pie.

Originally posted by DRZorro:

Email for Team Oatmeal Pie.

Whats up on the KTM 380EXC is it still up for sale or trade? Please respond..Thanks!!

I talked to my friend and you can contact him at watu@angelfire.com

Thanks!!! Zorro...

Dont worry if no immediate response, as my friend runs, boats up and down the coast and is gone 3-4 days at a stretch. He will reply.

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