O-ring chain

i had a DID X-ring chain last more than an entire harescramble season doing the following:

after washing the bike, spray WD40 on it till it drips (to prevent rust). that was all. the chain was as tight in december as it was in march.

With O-Ring chains, avoid spraying high pressured water directly into the links. Otherwise, wash your bike as you'd normally do. Then, just as you'd lube your chain, use WD-40 (as previously directed) since it's doing two things. It forces all of the water out of your chain and it lubricates it as well. I rarely ever use normal chain lube on my O-Ring. Just WD-40 and that's it. Do Not use a wire brush whatever you do. You'll destroy the rubber O-Rings that make the chain work so well. :)

I purchased a DID X-ring chain. I have been told not to clean it like I did my other chains and that it only needs to be oiled every 2-3 rides. How do you guys take care of your O-rings?

ditto all of the above.


will pattison

racer, engineer


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