MT-21 Pirelli Tires- Anyone tried?

I'm looking for feedback on the Pirelli MT-21's. I mounted a pair for Pikes Peak and am unsure as to what I think about them. They sure are skinny but rumor has it the compound works great. So, if you have ran them before, let me know what you think. (I'm not wanting advice for other tires, I only want what you think of these)

Roostn in Golden

Best DOT tire available. Not only does it perform well but it will last a long time...2 to 3 times longer than most other tires I've tried. Good choice.

I have a set of mt21's on my thumper and they only lasted about three weeks and all the side nobs where coming off the front tire. I thought i did somthing wrong so i went and bought another one and had a shop put it on. Its been a week and the same thing they just suck. If you like to spend alot of money on crap its the tire to go with. The back tire is not so bad its awsome in the sand a little washy on the track but ok.

My evaluation was based upon the rear tire. Should have pointed that out...sorry.

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