Looking for a street/dirt machine

Hello so at the moment I have a 2001 rm125. I am 16. 6'2" and little over 210 lbs. I am looking for a bike that I can ride onroad to school and back, and on day ride with my friends up in the hills.

I want a bike that is reliable and will not break down on me when I am out on the road or dirt.

The only bike really in my price range is the yz400/426 or wr. I have found a couple for sale locally and want your opinion on them.



The first says it has a tapping. Can this really be fixed by a valve adjustment?

Also what are your guy's opinion on how good it will be for street riding?

obviously, a dual sport/supermoto will never be as good as a dedicated road bike. Those bikes don't seem too bad, but be aware,used bikes have an unknown history.

I know But I can not afford to ride/maintain two bike. I will be using the bike as weekend road/dirt rides. I probabaly will not ride it to school.

Im not looking for anyhting to compete with a street bike ebcause all my friends have enduro's or supermotos. I need something that will be sufficient to ride.

I really like the look of the first one.

Is the tapping really a big issues and can a simple valve adjustment fix it?

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