Kickstand on a YZ?

Hey All,

I know this may irritate some but I'm thinking of adding a kickstand and wanted some suggestions/advice. Cost,brand,experiences...obviously weight is a factor but for the convenience when you're out on the trail and want to stop and smell the roses you didn't just roost. (no I'm not a nature hater, I stay mainly on the trails) :-)


ebay- look back over the last few months of posts and you'll see lots of posts on this subject. I think I remember even seeing a picture of one on a post somebady had up...

Yo J_Dog

The kickstand may come in handy when you need to help your DR-Z pal pick up his bike on the side of a muddy hill.

Don't wanna strain anything.

..2 Crashed First Ride ..

.. '01 Zuki-e

I know Baja sells them for about $100, but I have seen on in the Chaparal (sp) book for about $50. Not sure the difference in quality and weight. Someone had posted a message about a Ti kickstand on the WR side.

I have the stand shown in Shawn's post and it works great. I highly recommend this kind of stand over the swingarm mounted stands. I can start my bike standing on the pegs with the kickstand down. It's very solid and bolts right on, no mods required.

Shawn and RacerX,

Where can I get me one of these? It looks great, just what I wanted...I never liked the idea of the swingarm mounted design.



You can order a WR stand from the dealer or on line thru.

You will have to make the alum plate yourself or order one already made up from 2-Dad's (do a search to get his #) for around $150 is what I think he was saying. This is a great set up. Just like a WR. The plate is nessary due to the attach point not being on the YZ.

Bought mine used from a fellow Thumpertalker. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but 2 Dad's can probably get you one...

Thanks Shawn and racerx,

I did get the email and will look into it. My wife is having a coniption about all the mods I 'Need.' I am obsessed and I love this bike! I get my new 13 tooth front sprocket and o-ring chain today...then the kickstand...then we'll see...may be good for a while but there is always something :)

Thanks again!


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