2006 YZ450F transmission problems....

hey guys im new to this site so hi

i currently have a 06 450f yamaha that is having a major issue. About a month ago in the middle of a ride i shut down the bike to drink something and cool off and when i went to ride again the bike wouldnt come out of 1st gear. As of right now the bike is completly torn down all the way to the trans (which is splitting the cases) and it doesnt really look like there is anything physically wrong with it besides for the fact that it wont shift. Now this was one of the problems also that the clutch hub on the back side has about 8 screws holding on a plate. 3 of those screws were sheared off and were floating around in the motor, i got them out and they dont seem to have caused any physical damage to anything......does anyone have any ideas as to what could be my transmission problem???


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