destroyed my hot start lever

Has anyone converted to a thumb operated one like the GYTR model? I have looked at Sunline, Dr. D, works connection, and factory effex. I am just looking for some pros and cons. Thanks for any input

This may not be an appreciated response to your thread but my hot start lever seised about a year after I got the bike (2005) and I disconnected it. Never needed it. Bike is jetted well and always starts, hot or cold. Do you use the hot start?


Mine starts much easier with the hot start, especially in gear. I use the stock lever, cheap enough you could keep a spare.

Yes I use my hot start lever. Again does anyone use a thumb operated one?

I've tried a DRD on the right, but I much prefer the GYTR on the left. It pushes forward rather than sideways like every other hot start I've seen, and it leaves your right thumb free to hit the button.

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