ignition switch bypass

Hello all

Anybody out there know if it is possible to bypass the ignition switch on the WR. I am tired of (yes it is my fault) draining batteries because I forget to turn off the switch. Is the switch necessary?


These instructions hold true for at least 03-06 Steel framed WR's, but I can't imagine that they would change significantly to the newer Alu framed WR's also.

To answer your question;

Some sort of switch is necessary. At the factory Ignition switch plug the red lead is hot all the time, which powers the CDI unit & the rest of the bike thru the brown lead (hense why you drain your battery if you leave it on). So, the only other way you can make it easier on yourself to not forget to turn off the bike is to add a key switch to the system, simply because most ppl don't forget to remove a key.

If you were to pick up a 4 pole key switch, which has two circuits inside that when the switch is either on or off, there's alway one circuit that is closed, and one that is open. Now you take the red & brown wires from the ignition switch and run those to the key connecting to the circuit that is closed when the switch is on. Now you're left with one circuit that when the key is on, it is open. You could use this circuit to behave like your kill switch if you wanted. So you can either run in parallel to the bikes existing kill button, or completely remove the button and run the leads to the new key switch. Now to shut off the bike, you've gotta flip that key instead of pushing the button.. which would also kill power to the bike.. which would mean no more dead battery from leaving the bike on :)

What this will do is when the key is in the off position, the bike won't be able to receive any power, and if someone was to throw a leg over your bike, they wouldn't be able to kick start the bike either, because the key would essentially be holding the kill button, there by making the bike useless to them, unless they really like pushing motorcycles.

Now the last issue to address if you go this route. Is now you'll have a two wires which aren't connected anymore that used to go to the ignition switch. One will be hot, and one goes to ground. The hot wire (red w/black stripe or Rb) you'll need to address. When the Ignition switch is on, power is sent from the CDI to the IgnSw to light the LED bulb indicating that the bike is live. Easiest way is to disable this circuit do the same thing that most ppl do when doing the grey wire mod. Simply de-pin the connector at the CDI which has that same wire going to it (there should be only one Rb wire going there). The other black wire going to the factory ignition switch goes to the ground junction plug near the headlight.

Hopefully that helps you out.

That helps out a lot. I appreciate your response!!


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