VIN # check.. woodruff key

Hey all, I bought a 2003 WR450F last week. I checked the # on the neck (JYACJ0432A002941). Which #'s am I wanting to check for the key failure???? Any help would be great. :)

No direct correlation. We tried to track it and it seems that you have to ride it and see if it fails. Many here have not touched their bikes and they have significant miles on them. Your key will brake in the first few hundred miles if the crank taper and flywheel taper do not match very well. I would take a tow strap or ride in a small off road park until the first few hundred miles are under it. :)

I was going to do the modification that Yamaha recomends until I thought about it.

Lapping hardened surfaces removes squat. Then they want you to glue it back together.

I removed the access plug and used a torque wrench on the flywheel nut. Then I went riding.

Now I took off the rotor nut, locktited it and retorqed. No problems so far with over 2000, miles. Like Indy said its kinda hit and miss if your tapers are matched good no problem.

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