jumps under throttle

Question from an MX newbie. Suppose I turn a corner which leads right in to a double with not much room for acceleration so I want to hit the gas and hold it until I'm in the air to be sure I get enough drive to clear the double. What's the trick to doing this without risking a loopout. Or do you guys go ahead and stand the bike up and then use the back brake to get the front down?

I tried holding it on up the face of the jump over the weekend and ended up much too close to looping out for comfort.


I tend to sit up on the tank in that situation and just pin it until I'm in the air. I'm also sitting so I compress on the face and get some extra height out of it. If I need to I'll tap the rear brake but on the local tracks around here it tends to just level out on those types of jumps. I know it's more complicated then that but I don't really know how else to explain my motions and body position cause it's pretty much just natural.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"


Two techniques I use are:

1. the seat bump. Pin it out of the corner sitting on the seat, the more throttle you use, the further back on the seat you want to be. Try this over an easy jump with an easy landing before you slam into the face of a double :D Works great for jumps coming right out of tight corners. Be sure to stand up before you land, usually that just happens as you will get bounced off the seat, oh yeah, remember to hold on with your legs!

2. When standing, keep your weight forward balanced against the accelleration and hold the throttle steady till you are well clear of the lip of the jump. If you are properly balanced against the accelleration you will jump and fly clean and level at any power setting. If there are kickers on the lip of the jump, be sure to grip the bike with your legs so that you both land together :) Try not to lock your knees when hitting the jump as this will transmit any kickers or bumps into you more than the bike and may cause you to seperate or knock you off balance as you leave the jump.

Practice, practice, practice. Find a jump you are comfortable with and instead of just jumping it the same all the time, experiment with different techniques until you are comfortable with them and get a feel for how and when they work.

Dave S

Good question and excellent advice from the above two guys. There is a corner like this at my favorite track. The only way I could get drive and stay in control on this approach was using the seat bounce method. I have to use the throttle like a musician stroking a Stradivarius. This is the type of corner that the "F" can excell at over the 2-strokes. If you do it correctly, you can use the extreme inside to clear the jump and make a pass. The trick is to make the guy infront of you think you are following or going outside. At the last possible second....blip the throttle hard and dive inside, stay seated and launch using a roll-on throttle and stand up as you just are clearing the lip. This gives maximum traction. If you can go out and practice this corner on a practice day, you'll see how you can make up at least a second per lap on this type of corner...plus, it's a ton of fun!

You can also accomplish the same thing with a weight shift forward as your front wheel leaves the ground. I also will use the rear brake depending on the jump and if I am able to shift forward when I want. Practice on a small single jump or a long table top that you can hit with a short run and land short since this improves your chances if you mess up. Be careful with the seat jump technique, it works very well but if you are not on the gas as you leave the jump it will tend to kick the back end up more than you want. If you do it on a small jump you won't be in the air long enough for the bike to endo if you mess up. Also start on a jump that is not too steep since these are also more likely to kick until you get the technique down.


If the approach is rough you can stand up until you hit the face, and then pretend you are on a pogo stick (you did have a pogo stick as a kid, right?) Anyway, compress the suspension into the face with the pogo stick motion (yes arms too). Some people actually hit the seat, but I dont (bad back). You get alot more lift than passively hitting the jump standing up. Practice on small tabletops first.

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