overheat temp

I have a trail tech vapor with the coolant temp sensor.my question is at what temp should I be thinking about shutting her down??? I have my red warning light set at 220f but as I've found i hit that pretty offten and wondering what temp is dangerous....I have over sized rads,boysen water pump impelled and I run Evans coolant...(has a boil over protection to 400f)....thanks for any help...

Temps of +280 degrees is where to worry even short spikes of 280 shouldn't be an issue but I doubt your getting that hot

The biggest worry is boiling temp, whatever that happens to be for the coolant you run. At the boiling point, the liquid coolant becomes a gas, and will no longer cool the engine. The heat then spirals out of control.

With coolants such as Evans, which have very elevated boiling points so as to prevent that loss of temperature control and prevent loss of coolant under extreme conditions, some further caution is advisable.

Any time the coolant temperature is not falling, you can assume that the hottest component that is heating the coolant is hotter than the coolant itself. I recommend setting an arbitrary red line at a coolant temp of 350 regardless of what you're running if it's practical to do so. Obviously, if your coolant boils at less than that, the first sign of boiling should be time for a cool down.

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