jd needle vs. OBELN

I have a 2002 wr 426 that is uncorked with most free mods that I ride in Michigan. I tried the jd needles at various clip positions but never felt right. I have a oblen in it now, love the low to mid, but mid to top the jd was faster. Just wondering if i can get more mid to top using the obeln needle by making other adjustments. I also think the obeln was a option from a 2003 yz 250, is this needle ok to run in this bike? I found it in some older posts. My current setting is OBELN #3, 168mj, all esle stock, fs about 1 3/4 out. Also thinking about a fmf pipe, anyone have any luck with them? thanks for any info.

I ran the ELN needle in my KTM 520 with excellent results, but I was using a much leaner 160 main jet with the needle at #2 from the top.

thanks, did you change your pilot jet at as well with that needle? and did you have a stock exhaust?

I didn't change the pilot jet and I ran the stock exhaust, however the stock KTM exhaust is relatively free breathing.

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