Throttle Stop rock...pls send the jet pics too!

i owe ya one!!

Well, did you do your throttle stop yet? I have been holding my breath here for a week, don't know how much longer I am going to make it!

it's in...I am tryin to find out what runs faster than a raped ape. Cuz that's what it used to run like :)

I am going to cut the gray wire and strap myself to it

Dave P

all good things cime in time.

I am going to cut the gray wire and strap myself to it

Im sure you meant "unplug" not cut, right?

Wow! Thanks for telling me that. (WR450F Project) has detailed info and says to CUT the grey wire and put electrical tape on the ends.

Man... the Hurricane went through here last week!! I have never ran through so much mud. It was like riding on ice in some parts. Fun as [@#$%&!]!

Also..I have Preist Holmes on my fantasy team, you gotta like him as a back!

Dave P :)

Oh man, you got Holmes, your in the money! :D

Yea, just unplug the wire. You might have to spray some WD40 or some comressed air in there to loosen things up and get dirt out a bit but if you take a very small screwdriver and fanage it around in there you will just ba able to pull the wire out w/the connector attached. Then if (for any reason) you need to plug it back in, no problem!

Dont forget to put shrink wrap or tape on the connector after you unplug. :)


Do I have to have a performance pipe on or the JD jets installed? I mean I am going to do that, but can't get to it for a while.

OK, I am hearing about installing the YZ throttle stop, but what about the true free mod? Cut the WR stop shorter! I just got my WR 450 and am out of money. How short do I cut the throttle stop? Thanks!

You can either cut 9mm off or get the part number off the Project WR450F site :)

I've heard everything from 9-12mm. I took 11 off of mine and it worked perfect. I wouldn't go over 12mm due to the fact that I was told that the end that you cut fits up inside a spring and it could allow the spring to come off of the stop. Good Luck!! Rekless :)

The YZ stop is like a buck..... it does have lock tite on it so it took about 20 mins to swap out....

It is alot of difference.

like a guy said up top here..... lean forward! :)

Doesn't anybody talk to their dealer?? There's a wrench report that list the recommended length of the want the correct number, ask your dealer!!

has anyone just taken the throttle stop out so there isnt one there? i just bought a 01 wr426 and the guy i got it from put a yz one in there but then took it out when my friend told him that he just took it out of his yz426. he gave me the yz stop and i figured id put it back in because they put one there for a reason and i dont wind it all the way out anyway.

You need the short (yz) throttle stop in. The TPS can get confused when too much travel is allowed and cause problems.


well nothing has gone wrong yet for my bike or two of my friends bikes who have them out so im not too woried about it, but its goin back in anyway.

You can see the stop screw by looking on the left side of the bike towards the rear of the carb. I replaced mine in 10 minutes without removing the black cover or the seat or anything else. Just unscrewed it and put the new one in.


I'm extremely new to this board and I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate.

I'm a recently reformed 2-stroker and I've always heard the legend of the 'throttle stop.' I just got my 04 WR450 and it didn't come with a baffle inside the spark arrester. (dunno if that's normal, or that my dealer just knows me too well)

I remember years ago twisting the throttle of a WR400 in the showroom and it seemed like only half open... but on this one, the throttle rotation feels normal to me. Anybody know if the 04s have the same throttle stop??

Thanks, I've already learned a lot here! :)

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