vin # missing on frame

Regarding the missing vin # on the 01 YZ426. I am anew owner of a YZ426 and also a friend of SSculz. We went together to look at the bike and so I saw that the vin# is in fact missing because it had been very carefully ground and then sanded smooth. It was then very carefully painted to match. We have notified the Cops but they seem somewhat reluctant to get to excited about doing anything. I have yet to here back from the Detective. Anyway, I would love to see the knuckle head get his just dues and get busted. On the lighter side, I have had my thumper for only 4 days and rode it once in the dirt. What a machine, I have not rode dirt for over 10 years, I forgot what I was missing. This old man does not know if I still have the nerve, but dang, is this a great bike to ride. This site has been invaluable in preparing me for the Beast! And thanks to all the tips posted from everone, keep them comming. Until my next Thumping adventure, farewell to all. States.

That burns me up when the police won't help. I witnessed a car being burglarized once at 2:30am and ran inside and called the police, similar story. They basically did nothing. You would think that with a description of the burgulars, plus the tag number and description for the get away car that they would at least look up the house address and pay them a visit.

If you don't have an objection to becoming a tiny bit more involved, many people (I for one) would appreciate it if you could keep after the cops a little bit to see if they will finally do something. They can at least swing by the guys hose to see if he has a legitimate reason to have no VIN on the bike. If this guy isn't cought then it may be your (or my) thumper which he steals next! :)

Out of curiosity, did the guy have a good reason for having no VIN on the bike?

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Can someone tell me what the cops are getting paid to do again? Oh wait I remember, enforce closed riding areas and report to complaints of noisy bikes!



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Now that burns me up. Demand the cops pay a visit ASAP. If they don't ask to speak immediately with a commanding officer (leutenant)

But stay the hell out of the actual confrontation for you're protection.

I had to call the cops one night on a neighbor who was repeatedly riding his EXTREMELY LOUD Harley up and down the street.

Like all summer, every night. I know, sounds like a hypocrit, but the event that pushed my button was when he was riding a very small child around the block- no helmet, shorts, etc. The cops were there in 5 minutes!

And this is a big city!

They busted him for no cycle endorsement and impounded his bike. They stopped back a few days later and told me they told the impound lot to "treat this bike as though it was you're worst enemy". Apparently they saw one too many children die on the back of a bike that year. I thought the kid was going to fall off a few times (remember the guy just circles the block so I saw 'em several times. )

Demand action! This is stolen property! Altering the VIN is a felony in most states, demand that the felon be busted. Ask the cop what the penalty is for 1.) altering VIN and 2.) Attempting to sell stolen property.

Ask him why he/she isn't interested in pursuing a known felon? A quick tip-be extremely courteous and professional-act as thought you are a concerned citizen and do not tolerate theft in your area. If they don't respond, again don't endanger yourself but rather call the local news crimestoppers and tell 'em the whole story. this WORKS!!!

It seems that everybody is of the opinion that the motorcycle is stolen. Is it possible that the frame has been replaced?? The Yamaha replacement frames do not come with a VIN number stamped into them from the factory.

Based on what you saw (and I was not there)and told the police, the local law enforcement agency should at least check it out. It could possibly be stolen or it could possibly be legit. If it is a stolen bike then they need to be arrested. If it is a legit set up then we owe an appology!!

Until they check it out, I guess we'll never know.


Originally posted by yzernie:

Until they check it out, I guess we'll never know.


Any luck?????

The serial number on my bike ( canadian issue ) is lasered in, not stamped. The marking depth is only about .005/.008" and seems radiused. When I repainted my frame over the winter most of the characters were filled and are almost not legible. Could this have been the case here too?

Hugh LePage what is the name of your shop?

I live close to Montreal and would like to know of places to ride. What type of work do you guys do at your shop?

Originally posted by yzernie:

Any luck?????

Found out the scoop on the YZ 426 I was trying to buy with the missing VIN #. To make a long story short, the owner reported the bike stolen to his insurance CO. He was then trying to resell the bike thru a friend so he could double up on the money. That is why they filed away the VIN #. Needless to say, I passed on that deal.

Apparently the engine case # cannot be traced back to the original VIN #, so there is no way of proving much of anything. Make sure you get proper documentation when buying a used bike. If the frame has been legitimately replaced the seller should be able to produce a bill of sale from the dealer for the new frame.



Ryan, I am in the Montreal Area and live up north in Shawbridge. I ride Prévost ( suit up on mu deck ! ) , sometimes Brownsburg and may do a few races this summer. I will try to get together with the boys from Alary, they know some private tracks in the Joliette Area. Give me a call, I am available weeekend afternoons only or afterwork in week. Off last week July / first August! Where do you ride?

My Shop web site : ( we are precision steel engravers )

As for the serial number filing, sound pretty lame!

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That dude sounds like a real sharp guy!! Did his insurance company find out about it?? Insurance fraud is a felony here in California.

Thanks for the update,


How did you find out that this was the deal? Did you tell this to the poliece (or to your insurance agent, I'm sure they won't take it so nicely even if he's insured by someone else).

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