HI from newbe & quick ? about my new YZF 426cc.

Hi Guys,

I'm an Aussie living in rural NSW Australia & have been a rider ever since I can remember, am looking foward to getting to know you guys & hear about your bikes etc. I'm a keen rider who will have a go on & at just about anything.

I have jusy bought a YZF 426cc 2002 Model dirt bike:banana::) to use as general farm bike & toy & I was wondering if it's possible to get them fitted with an electric start at all? Also wondering if others have found the compression chamber starter fiddley & hard to use at times?

Thanks guys.:)

top of the yamaha page will tell u everything u need to know : "start here common mods, FAQs......" I think thats a big negative on the electric start....for the 426............

If you want an electric start you need to get the WR not the YZ.

There is a common mod to fit an 2003 YZ450 exhaust camshaft which in has an automatic decompression system. Hot Cams also have cams which have the same system.

The two most practical mods for the YZ I have found are the auto decompression cam and a sidestand. Trailetch make side stands at a reasonable price.

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