450quad green sticker

I couldnt believe when I read the 450 quad is a green sticker! there seems to be nothing different.it just doesnt seem fair! whos making these dissions? is there anything we can do? Iam sure I might have bought something else if I would have known everything from 2002 was going green sticker.sure love my 450 but its B.S ..... what can we do ????????

i heard the same thing also i was PISSED OFF i got tagged for riding at gorman when the last time i went in the beginning of august the same ranger who gave me a ticket walked by my bike looking at everything said we were good :):D go figure :D

Are you saying you got a ticket for riding with a red sticker at Gorman???


yea from all i knew they werent enforcing it :) but then he said he was enforcing it from july 15 on and the last time we went (as mentioned above) was august friggin 9th :D and watch out because at the gate they'll say theyre letting red stickers ride or they wont mention it AT all... and the rangers say that the sign in front of the entrance says green sticker riding season while its been there last year and the year before last and so on :D

Now I know why I moved out of that god forsaken state. Red sticker, Green sticker, 96 Decibel sound YUK YUK YUK. I know it's coming up here eventually but it is a long way off(I hope) :)

California rules are shear insanity! :)

California rules are shear insanity! :)

now there is the understatement of the year!! :D

The Quad would be green and the WR not? Weird! I've just red in the October Dirt Bike mag that the YFZ seemed less corked up than the WR is. What's going on?

thats what Iam talking about,theres nothing different with the wr450 and the quad 450 except one is green sticker and one is a red sticker , wish I knew where to go with this.any ideas? whats up with california????

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