Gearing HELP!!!

Got a sweet deal on a 2008 YZ450F. It came with 14/51 gearing and I can't keep it on the pipe. I just ordered 13/50 and a new chain. I was wondering how you guys have your bikes geared? Someone told me that 13/51 would be too low and I would be shifting all the time. The bike has a stock exhaust. Any opinions or insight is greatly appreciated!

I forgot to mention that I ride motocross. Sand and loam mostly. I'll hit a clay track every once in a while. Vet B rider coming off years of riding 250Fs.

I'd imagine that 13/48 13/49 will be somewhere near what you want but try the 13/50 since you have it

13/49 is what I used on my 08 the most especially in sand. I only used a 13/50 on really tight stuff (night supercross, arenacross etc.). 14/51 is an interesting combo, basically stock ratio (13/48)

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