09 450 rear sliding out

I have an 09 yz450f. I have read several reviews on this bike and alot says they love it but the front end pushes. My bike is just the opposite. Front tire is stock and it sticks like glue but my rear tire tends to slide out in the corner. Race sag is at 105mm. Should I increase or decrease sag. Also I had my forks up 5mm and now they are back to 0mm and no change.

Does your tire match conditions?

Does your tire match conditions?

Have stock tires until 2 days ago. Got a mx 51 for the back. Thought maybe half worn stock 756 was problem. I have not rode on the new mx51 yet. Kept the stock front 742fa since it is not worn and sticking well in the turns. The track I ride is mostly hard pack with some soft (but dry) dirt. Doesn't seem to matter, the back slides out in hardpack and soft dirt. It might be a form thing on my part but was just asking about a set up of the race sag.

95-100 mm of sag puts more pressure on front wheel for hardpack.100-105mm for soft tracks.that is a good tire,it may be your form cause my bro has that bike and tire and 100mm sag,no issues.he also has a heavyfw.

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