radiator shroud insert problem.

hey there,

after a really wet and muddy grasstrack on the weekend, i decided rather than just giving my bike the usual clean i would pull off all the plastics and get to those hard to reach places. Everything was going well until i started to remove the bolts to take off the right hand radiator shroud/fender (whatever) 3 of the 4 bolts came out fine, but the last was problematic. it seems as though the threaded insert in the side of the fuel tank has let go and is just spinning. i tried pulling the whole insert out with the bolt attached, tried spinning the whole shroud but couldnt get it out.

Any ideas to get the bolt and insert out? anyone had a similar problem?



(09 WR450)

Oh boy! It sounds like it's going to be a difficult one now. You can try spraying it with a penetrating oil and letting it sit for a day. Then try and remove the bolt while putting a "side load" on the insert to try and keep it from spinning. Good luck! Maniac

This is a common problem to all brands.

The issue is 'dielectric corrosion': a steel bolt into a non-steel fastener (brass or aluminum).

The fastest way to fix it is to 'spin' the insert out, then JB weld it back in.

- Using a cordless drill on high, spin the bolt/tank insert until the plastic gets hot. Do not push.

- When the plastic starts to melt, remove the insert quickly.

- Diss-log the bolt from the insert.

- Clean out the recess left in the tank with brake cleaner

- mix up some JB weld and insert JB and insert into tank

- line up shrouds so the insert and bolt will go in and stay at the right angle and position. The JB will set up allowing you to do this.

- just before the JB gets hard, check it again for fit, and using a razor blase, clean off any excess JB.

Now, take off all of your dielectric potential bolts, and apply 'anti-sieze'.

Do the swingarm adjusters first, cause they are not as easily repairable if they seize in.

Do every bolt, or you will have this problem again, only worse................


I just had the same problem on my '07. My solution was to take a center punch and put a mark on the center of the bolt head, then I drilled it out. Once the head came off the bolt I removed the shroud and then I was able to use my fingers to remove the rest of the bolt. Not sure why it was so easy to remove once the shroud was removed, but its off now so I don't care. The reason I was removing the shrouds was to install my new Clarke 3.6 gal tank, I guess I should look into fixing the stock tank in case I decide to sell it or use it as a backup.

cheers guys, ill give it a go with the cordless drill. the idea of heating it up so the plastic gets soft sounds pretty logical. ill have a go at it tomorrow and let you know how it went.

Thanks again for your ideas


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