03 wr 450 Starting problem

Just picked up an 03 WR450 and it wont start. Charged up the battery and all it does is click (little black box under seat). Starter does not engage at all. Are these famous for that or is this gonna take some research and dismantling. Got bike cheap so not too worried. Kicks over fine but hasnt been going in a while. (lots of compression)

Simple enough, take your battery and have it tested. Mine did the same thing as yours and a new battery fixed it right up. Make sure your cables are still in good shape while you're at it.

If you know the battery is OK, it's probably the starter motor. They are very well polished turds...

They are very well polished turds...

:) truth!:)

I went through battery, brushes, relay, ........ kicking it for a year, and then 300 bucks

if u r interested i have a new yamaha starter for an 03 w/ maybe 5hrs on it pd like 350 at the stealership 6mos ago. I removed the estart so if there any parts u need i probly have them:thumbsup:

Battery OK, most likely starter...

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