Trying to decide what I want to do and looking for some input.

98% of my riding is trails, and some of the trails around here are fairly tight. I haven't been doing much riding the last several years so my skill level isn't what it should be, but I'm having problems stalling my bike in tight/technical stuff.

06 YZ450F

12/49 gearing

GYT-R heavy flywheel weight

Those are the pertinent mods for this discussion. I'm considering going lower on the gearing, but in searching through the forum it seems like a lot of guys are running essentially the same gearing as I am with good results. I had my old 00 426 geared at 13/52 and really liked how that worked, so I'd be looking at 12/52 or 13/55 on this bike to get a similar ratio. Will a 55 tooth rear sprocket even fit? Or should I just keep grinding away trying to improve my skill level so I don't ride like such a goon? Some jetting adjustments may help also, I know my jetting isn't spot on.

I never really felt like the flywheel weight did much for this bike. I know many people have reported big changes after installing the heavy flywheel, but I just never noticed much change. Any ideas why that might be the case?

That's pretty low gearing already! Isn't the bike pretty herky-jerky like that?

I am inclined to think that with gearing that low that you might even be a little more prone to stalling in certain situations? Like if you accidentally brake stall coming into a corner there is less chance for the inertia/traction of the rear wheel to turn the motor over.

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, I would suggest going with a little higher gearing (stock 13/49, or maybe 13/50) and focus on clutching.

Or, best solution of all...Rekluse!

Its a little jerky right off the bottom, but once you get rolling its not too bad. I was out at Batey Bould riding yesterday and got to thinking about it. I think a lot of the problems I was having stalling was just because I'm out of practice in a big way.

The clutch in this bike has never been quite right and that could be part of the problem too. I should just get a new clutch kit for it and see if gets any better.

I'm running 13/51 on my 2007 with a FWW and it works great for everything from brush busting my own trail to wide open 4 wheeler trails.

Or, best solution of all...Rekluse!

For what you're talking about, +1:thumbsup:

I would also try turning your idle up a little bit.

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