Vipers out of D37

My buds in Desert Vipers got booted from District 37 last week. It is now mandatory to join D37 before riding any AMA event. Vipers' Adelanto GP is the first of the new year, so they are the lucky ones to force all to sign up. They protested due to the likely drop in attendance, as well as the principle of the thing. Lots of riders race ONLY Adelanto all year, and don't want to cough up an extra $30 over and above AMA and race fees. Vipers tried to compromise. They mailed a letter to Sports Committee complaining that they were being "unreasonable". The Board threw them out over that letter. Seems to me we need to work together for the good of the sport, not self-destruct and make the greenies the winners. How about it D37, you are complaining about being short of funds, and Vipers contribute $4000-5000 annually. Get the egos out of the way and let the racing continue!


What a crock. This kind of thing is going to be happening more and more until someone somewhere wakes up and smells the coffee. The Desert Vipers ALWAYS put on a good ride.

The last AMA event I participated in cost me $60!!! Don't get me wrong, it's not the money, it's the principal AND the shock of forking over the money at sign-up. Nobody told me about this before the event. It's a good thing for me I had some cash on me, or I would have been turned away.

This is not what racing is about. Let's hope things change soon.

I hear you. These guys work as hard as anyone to make it fun. They get more entries than just about any race, but refuse to allow it to be used as a cash cow. Adelanto will go on with or without D37 and AMA. It was there before the sanction, and it will be there after. Beware of other District-run GP's on the same weekend bearing double points. They are trying to squash Adelanto GP. Keep the faith. We will have fun with or without AMA.


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