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I went to take my rad srouds off my 09 and the back bolt on both shrouds just spin like they are stripped out. My guess is that the inserts in the gas tank that the bolts thread into are busted loose and are just spinning. Is there any way of solving this problem without cutting the shrouds off or ordering a new tank?

Mine did the same thing. I drilled the head of the bolt until it busted off then removed the shroud, I was then able to remove the remainder of the bolt by pulling and turning the bolt. I've heard of some guys attaching a drill and spinning the hell out of the bolt until the plastic in the tank gets hot and it comes out, I guess I got lucky. I use anti-sieze on everything now.

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More info.

Did the same thing to my KX250 and i got the bolts out and took the inserts and jb welded them back in....never had anymore problems

Don't do what I did!

Got the insert out OK, but it would not go back in. Tried to tickle the hole out a little with a 13mm drill to get the insert back in, it gripped and straight through the tank!!

Anti-slipped every bolt since!

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