Removing spark arrestor from Yoshimura RS-4

I just removed the spark arrestor from my Yosh exhaust for my '11 450. When the spark arrestor was in there, it was a nice, smooth path through the silencer. When the spark arrestor is removed, there's a 'lip' at the end where the end cap goes back in. The spark arrestor is pressed onto that sleeve, so you can't put the sleeve back in to smooth out the flow.

Maybe it doesn't matter, just seemed odd.

Are you putting the end cap thing back on after you remove the spark arrestor, or just leaving it off?

Edit: It looks like, according to the doc, it is called a spark arrestor ring, so I assume it should be left off when the spark arrestor is removed. :) But, it seems like it would look odd, almost unfinished, without the ring.

Here's a pic of what I mean: (page 6 - I know the link is for a Honda unit, but the spark arrestor assembly is the same.

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Run it without....or get the 96 db insert for it.

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