radiator shrouds

Help! I have tried acerbis, and GYTR shrouds and I don't think that they are even close to bolting on. All the application charts show that the YZ and WR shrouds are the same, but I'm beginning to wonder if they really are. I even got some new graphics that should have fit, but no way. I have ordered everything through NCY and they have been as helpful as they can, but by now I bet they think that I'm worthless because I keep telling them that this stuff won't fit. I have bought after market plastic before and usually have to do some trimming on the ribs to get the fit just right, but at least the stuff bolted on, I can't even get the holes lined up. Has anybody else tried to replace shrouds on their '03 WR450 and had this much trouble? :)

I don't know the exact situation with the 450's but on the WR and YZ 400's and 426's, the shrouds are NOT the same. I found WR shrouds in the YZ bag at my local dealer (Acerbis brand). Go figure.

If all else fails, you may have to buy origial Yamaha parts. Have your dealer call Acerbis. They'll likely have a fix.


YZ450 and WR450 shrouds are completely different and not interchangeable. :D

By the way the stock Yamaha shrouds are competitively priced! :)

Any luck finding the shrouds? I just got some UFOs that did not fit. The OEM ones are about $30 a side. The UFO ones were $35 for the set. The dealer also said he could get me a right side graffic for the shroud only 81 bucks, :) what a joke. I can get a new after market set for $60. I guess I'll just wait for UFO to come out with the right ones. :D

I got a decent price on OEM from Yamaha of Troy.

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