YZF Parts in the Orlando area

Hello, my name is Knut and I am from Norway. I'm going to Orlando on my vacation, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can buy some parts for my thumper. I am looking for the Yamaha of troy 2001 complete sticker kit http://www.mxsouth.com/nstyle/nstyamtry250.htm , and a fiew other goodies. Any help would be great. :)

There is a Yamaha dealer on highway 50 (also called colonial)on the south side near a toll road (I believe it is the east-west expressway or greenway). It's a few miles from the university of central florida. Basically find either semiron blvd or alafaya trail (these are major roads running north-south, highway 50 runs east-west). From semiron go east on 50, from alafaya go west. It's on the south side of 50 inbetween these roads (they are a few miles apart). I don't know how much this dealer keeps in stock and I don't remember the dealers name so you may want to look them up before you travel. I'm sorry that I don't have better directions but I hope that this helps.

PS-> If you are going to be near disney, then I would find a different dealer. This is a long ride from disney (over an hour).

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As you can see from my User Name, I live in Orlando. I can tell you from experience that you'll have no better luck finding parts here than you would from mail order. If you are going to be in town for AT LEAST a week, then you might be able to order something from one of the 3 Yamaha dealers in Central Florida and pick them up before you leave. Sometimes, they can expedite the shipping and get them faster, but you'll pay a lot more for it.

Here's the list of Orlando-area Yamaha dealers:

Cycle Sports Center- 4001 John Young Parkway, Orlando, 407-299-9191 www.cyclesportscenter.com

Seminole Powersports- about 30 miles north of Orlando in Longwood- 3401 North Highway 17-92, 800-843-5118 www.seminolepowersports.com/

Orlando Yamaha- (sirthumpalot was talking about this place)- 9334 E. Colonial Drive, 407-273-3579 www.orlandoyamahakawasaki.com/

Are there any other Orlando-area riders on this list?


99 WR400F

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Thank you guys, I'll e-mail the shops and ask them if they can order the parts for me. Thank you for your help. :)

Rich In Orlando,

Do you ever ride at Okeechobee (thundercross)?

Hey Rich,

I live in Port St. John (just south of Titusville). I do mostly woods riding. I typically run the FTR Hare Scrambles, but I'll run an Enduro or MX as long as my schedule works out.


I raced a hare scramble once last year down near Sarasota and it damn near killed me. I can't wait to do it again. :) Actually, I'm not too excited about doing a hare scramble again, but I'm looking forward to seeing what riding an enduro is like when the season starts up again.

Most of my riding is in Ocala or Richloam. Everyone I ride with has dual-sported their bikes (including me) so that we can ride numbered and paved roads, if we have to, to get from one trail to another. 125 miles in a day is not unusual for us. If you guys want to join us some Sunday, let me know.


That sounds like fun! Unfortunately I'm about 4 hours south of Ocala and my bike is stock so the local police probably would not treat me nicely if I was on public roads. :) That does sound like fun though being able to just ride on roads between trails!

Hare scrambles also sounds like fun. What are the requirements for one of those (spark arrestor, ..?).


Was that the Arcadia HS. I did that one. It was a blast.

Was that a YZ you dual sported? If so, what did you do? And is it street legal in Florida? Mine is "enduro legal". :) But I'd like to be able to ride the numbered roads etc. without worry. I usually ride around the airport in Titusville, we occasionally have to cross a road to get from trail to trail, and the local law enforcement is fairly reasonable as long as you don't hot dog or do something stupid.

I did the last FTR enduro at Relay. It was my first, and It was well worth the effort. I plan on doing more next season.


As far as hare scrambles go, the FTR is considering adding a rule to require spark arrestors, but presently there is none. Otherwise, the requirements are basically the same as MX. However, I would highly recommend a good set of bark busters. Check out www.floridatrailriders.org for the schedule. I think you'll find hare scrambles are definately fun.


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