Hot starting problem on YZ 426 after exhaust cam mod


I have my 01' 426 since 4 years and what I can say- the bike is buletproof and great for enduro mixed with MX.

I used to manual decomp but in this season I've changed exhaust cam into 450 cam with auto decomp.

Generally I'm very happy of this mod but last time when I went to do some extreme enduro in mud I found the bike starting hard in strange situation.

When bike is cold or hot (just after staling or after short 2-3 minutes break ) there is no problem to start it- 1st kick usually but after hard ride when we stop for longer break (10minutes) the bike is hard to start. It will not start without hot choke but it will also not start with hot choke. I have to use hot choke- do one kick -bike will make the sound ,and then it will start without hot choke from first kick.

Could you advise me what to check?

Bike is in perfect condition- valves checked each 10hours, piston is o.k- changed in last season. Rod also is new, timming O.K.

Maybe I'm riding to rich a little?

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