street worthy 99 yz400f

ok first off hello everybody =). this forum is super awesome ive took en allot of good info from your forum here but theres one thing i couldn't find so im jus going to ask.

ok so i live in cali and i just got a 1999 yz400f and its a dope bike but i really want to make it street worthy cuz of the crazy gas prices. so i went to the dmv today and they said i just need to put lights on it and then get it approved by some one then register it for like 300 bucks and im done...

but i am new to motorcycles, so i dont know a whole lot about dirt bikes and when i googled of other ppl makin yz400s street legal everybody was talkin about how its bad to ride it on the streets and hwy's.

lol so my question is what kind of things would i have to do to my bike to make it run good on the streets and still fun on the trails, and mb every now and then a trip on the hwy for mb an hour or so

first off it needs a street title. if you didn't get one of those or don't have one of those there is no chance of registering for the road, so forget about it.

second, in what it would cost you to put the street legal bits on a mx bike you could've already went out and bought a street bike that will perform better than the yz400f will on the streets. i just paid $600 for my bike (82 cb450), $112 in taxes and $20 in registration. if you can get a yz400f on the road for cheaper than $732 let me know.

the amount you can put into making it street legal will offset the cost of gas. It is very expensive to make a yz street legal

Well when I went to the dmv the other day they told me my only option to make it the way I wanted it was to do a dual registration for it, on and off and they said I could do it for around 300 bucks as long as I get the lights I'm putting on it checked out and it passes.

Ok so i no it will cost alotn I'm ok with that I'm jus curious as far as mechanically speaking what well keep it on the road ok I don't want to f up my bike right away. N do u mean the gas milage well suck or jus cuz I'm payin so much its not worth it

The money isn't abig deal cuz I jus wanna know

The DMV is one thing in itself. a YZ400 requires a few modifications to get it headlight ready (which aren't cheap) plus the actual headlight kit which is usually very pricey.

The consensus it seems is that after all is said and done it is not worth it.

And for the record my YZ400F has awful road manners..

take the money you are going to spend on the yz and buy another bike already manufactured for dual purpose

Lol I know and I'm totally cooll with the pricing of getting it street legal what I want to fix is the "road manners" part.

I jus wanna know what I should change ( carb,gears,crank,ect) to make run on the road decently so I'm not destroying the engine. I m not talkin about the lights or anything jus gettin to run on the streets fine that's all =)

Why would you want to cruise around in sixth gear at the red-line.It's not geared for the highway.If your looking for a quick way to kill your motor go for it.

lol come on guys... either u guys arent understanding my question or jus avoiding anwsering it.

BallooTheBear THATS what im tryin to find out how to avoid i dont want to **** my bike up driving it around town AND i dont wanna get rid of it so if some one has the anwser on how to NOT destroy my bike while riding it around town n on the hwy PLEASE PLEASE let me know

actual anwser and not some smart ass reply jus to get your post count up would be nice

and im not directing that towards anybody ive jus had bad experiences with forums in the past were iall ask a question never get the answer but instead just all these reasons why i shouldn't n then iall get the smartass who just says something like just sell your bike and kill yourself lol then i just log off and never return to that forum...

from what ive read here it seemed like all u guys were pretty smart in dirt bikes soooo i was jus hoping u guys could answer it but if u cant iall jus ask somewhere els

alot of people like doing the WR 5th and 6th gear swap. this will make traveling at speed better. I have an FCR-MX carb from an 07 yz450 and it does great (boyeson QS2 AND SUNLINE fuel screw) no hesitation, great idle etc. but i only replaced it because my original slant FCR was bad.

I only use mine on the road when i'm puddle jumping from trail to trail in the forest system.

Wow QuietFlight thanks sooooo much for an actual answer for my question lol.

but thats awesome and that isnt that bad i can afford the gears but do u think the new carb is necessary? also if u no what would u think would be good for doing a trip on the hwy id like to at some point drive it from my home town of santa barbara ca to pismo beach, if theres really no way thats fine iall jus stick with what you've given me

also what year wr400 would u get the gears from and is it just a drop in swap or would i need something els?

and could i use these?

better yet if i replaced all the gears would it run like an dualsport? i met some guys who ride the supermoto type bikes and id like to go on a ride with them on the streets and not destroy my bike but still keep it trail worthy u no

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When did a WR get a 6 speed?

So do u guys think id be fine on th streets if I jus swapped out my gears for the wr gears?

So do u guys think id be fine on th streets if I jus swapped out my gears for the wr gears?

I dont see why not.The whole point is to have higher gearing so the motor isn't always peaked out on the rpm band.Also these bikes are made to go fast all the time,on a hot day in stop and go traffic you might have some overheating issues but it all depends I guess.I've heard of radiator swaps to cool the bike better.I'm sure someone who knows more than I do will chime in soon and give some good advice.

not sure about your state, but to be legal on roads here you have to be on dot approved tires. That will be another cost factor, unless you are running street tires now

I'm sorry grayracer i totally goofed. i meant the WR 4th and 5th gears lol. I would not replace the other gears if you can help it keep the moto style 1-3. I replaced my carb because my old slant (the carb you currently have) went bad and hung idle then wouldn't. I do however endorse the FCR-MX upgrade as my bike has never run better.

balloo has a great point about the cooling, there are aftermarket upgrades, and if im not mistaken even the 426 rads have an extra core in them, though still will get hot.

do a search in the gear swap as I've seen a thread on it recently. Other then the gears i really dont see much else that is going to help the road manners. I still wouldn't ride it on the highway but if your bike will do 80 comfortably then use your own discretion.

ok awsome iall do that then swap gears and get the best aftermarket radiator i can lol and avoid the hwy i guess.

sweet thanks for all the help guys! i no everybody says it will cost alot to make it street legal but it isnt really that bad lol like 300 for the registration (witch i guess is alittle pricey for a bike but in my past experience with registering cars ive gotten thats not bad at all) and another 300 for a lighting kit ive found then some new gears and radiator it wont be to bad.

iall post the final out come of my street worthy yz lol when im done with it hopefully with in the next month or so, so other ppl know that its possible and might not be that bad of a bike to do it wih.

Post some pics when you get it all worked out.

One more thing though.You might want to add a catch can to your radiator just in case you overheat,That way you don't lose all your coolant.Just a thought.

the fluiddyne (something like that) are the best ones out there. testimonials say that the bike will not overheat if equipped. if your going this far you could always equip an auxillary fan to the rad.

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