street worthy 99 yz400f

so just to make sure im going to buy the right thing this is well work?

No. Those are some of the gears from behind the clutch, etc.

thanks a bunch for the info kmk, im still thinking about doing it i havent yet decided but i was wondering if some one could show me a place were i could buy these gears? or what i should search for on ebay as iall probly b buying it there.

Its funny, today i put at least 20 miles in on the blacktop. i wouldn't get rid of the 400 either.

sorry to bring this back up but i had one question. what parts am i lookin for to make my yz have the 4th and 5th gears? like what am i searching on ebay or if theres a site that sells the part.

bump jus need to know this part then i can plan this build out

Any Yamaha dealer or online parts outlet will have them. You need both gears for 4th and 5th (4 total) for a WR426F.

ok so ive read all of this so far, and i dont know what is going on first of all with the 400, i have a 426, street legal, my gearing is 16/48, stock is 14/51 i do belive, still have the yz trans, and my bike does 96.5 mph on trail tech, and i let off, couldnt take the wind, and i get 60-65mpg on the road, even with the taller gearing it still hangs the tire in all gears, taking off is a bit of a challenge with a stiff clutch, but its worth it, i trail ride as well, its a bit ruff with such tall gears, but doable, if i ever thrash my trans ill put a wr trans in it for the lower 1st gear for trail riding

I agree I have a2000 yz426 with stock gearing for freeway I use 16/38 and let me tell ya,..... Starts out like a bonivile salt racer but will do 100 mph easy, with some left, but forget about riding ANY canyon!

HaHa everyone had a crappy monday??

I'm doing same to my 99 400 but just because It's to fast and heavy to race in NETRA Hare Scrambles and I'm getting to old to fight this bike in the woods. :lol. I have to much into it to sell so I'm going to use it around town for fun. I'm just putting lights and DOT tires on it Maybe 17's someday. About a $800 conversion with reg and insurance.

Good luck Fox400f and have fun

Well first, I have to appologise to Gray, I'm doing this from my gf's ipad; but I do read a lot of these threads without writing any response, so... It may look like I'm a noobie but trust me I'm only a nub to this site, and maybe the yz426, but what I have to say to this generation, is that it's almost ( and I do mean almost) like the old days where we used any parts that were available to us.... Guys trying to make street machines out of race bikes is the new way of having the fastest thing on the road, in terms of the single cylinder bikes, the 1999 to2002 yamaha takes the cake..... Reliable, and cheap parts, and like most yamaha's BULLET PROOF!!!!!!!!!!

i am glad you like your 400f on the road because i supermoto'd mine and i love it! ill do 98 mph and am right along side yz450's and my buddy's husqvarna 510. i have put thousands of miles on my bike and love it!!! i have not noticed any bad mpg's but i did do the yz450 carb swap and i think it woke the bike up a little bit. As of this moment the bike is in a million pieces because i got bored but after putting 3k seriously hard miles on it there is nothing wrong with the bike internally. didnt need a piston, or rings, not even a cylinder. also, this bike was owned by my family the whole time and my dad did about 12 years of woods riding on it at an enduro 1a pace and everytime he gets on his new crf450r he bitches that its not as good as his 400 was in the nasty stuff. so say what all of you want about the bike. majority of the time its the rider...

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