clutch replaced...but

2009 YZ450F, so I just replaced clutch, bought OEM kit, springs, plates and gasket.

Soaked i in the motor oil for an hour, put all in in the right order, starting with friction and ending with friction plate.

I noticed the lever had too much play (not before), so adjusted that with little play.

Start it, put it in gear, pull in the clutch lever and it doesnt fully disengage! nothing strong, not like the bike wants to take off. If I'm off the bike, standing next to it, bike in gear clutch in, it has very little pull?

What's up with that???? is it normal will it go away???


I would take the clucth apart and reassemble it. I've seen where the catch up when installing the outer pressure plate. I did that once and I had the same situation, way too much free play. Try that and be very careful when reinstalling it. Good luck

It is fairly normal, and the cheaper aftermarket kits are really bad about it. It should behave much better after the first hour, and may even straighten itself out just from leaving it sit compressed under the springs for a couple of days.

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