Question about replacing clutch cable and possibly entire clutch perch/lever

I'm on a '03 YZ450F, purchased used last year. It wouldn't surprise me if the bike is on the original clutch cable. The pull is really difficult compared to every other bike I've tried. It's the stock clutch perch with a cheap-o tusk lever that is huge and doesn't have a good feel to it. I'd like to get to the point where I can easily pull the clutch with 2 fingers.

Replacing the clutch cable seems pretty straightforward, no special tools needed right? I was planning on just going with either the Tusk or MotionPro normal clutch cables. Is there any benefit to the more expensive cables like the MotionPro slide right?

Also, what's a good aftermarket lever setup. I did a search on here but couldn't find a ton of info. It seems like some people like the MSR Pro-Raptor. Is that a pretty good setup or is it worth it to spend the extra money on something like ASV?

Is it worth it to spend the extra money on something like ASV?

I purchased ASV pro levers including the pro clucth perch last yr. They are the best ever. Definetly worth the money. I also noticed the clutch pull was significantly easier. You can't go wrong with ASV. Also, i've dumped many of times since and the levers are as good as new.

ASV has saved me tons of money and my fingers. Slammed gone forward and levers move could have been worse if they were the non folding ones.

Way worth it. On eBay there is a seller called ATV Galaxy. They have great pricing a lot of times better than anywhere else. I think last time they had the clutch brake and rotator for sale as a combo for way cheap

There is also a hydralic clutch kit available that is bolt on. No need to add fluid, bleed or anything just bolts right up and is supposed to be sweet. Going on mine once the clutch cable wears out.

The '03 used the same cable/anchor/arm as the WR450. Be sure, if you take the hydraulic route, that you either get a kit that actually fits it, or convert the release arm to the '04 YZ450 style.

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