00 clutch upgrade

Hi gang

I just receive the 3 parts needed from the 01 clutch to perform the upgrade (friction plate, spring plate and flat steel plate) on my 00, i'm not sure wich way to put the spring plate, larger side pointed to others plates or pointing to the clutch basket?

Now it's pointing to the basket, and clutch action is WAY improved!! butter smooth now, but I'll have tho shave a bit from my lengthened pull arm, as the new action let me without much freeplay now.



Hey Dan- I want to do the same to mine. Would it be too much trouble to post the part #'s here? I know I saw hem awhile back but I can't seem to find them after the TTalk crash. Thanks...


Just go to the search and type in cluch up grade. That will give you the info. :) Have a nice weekend! ~Hit-man~


00'YZ426F 00'XR50R LATER DAYS!!!

Sorry, it is CLUTCH UP GRADE! missed a key LATER!!! ~Hit-man~

Originally posted by MikeOK:

Would it be too much trouble to post the part #'s here?

This is what I wrote down:

5JG-16321-00-00 01 YZ First Friction Plate

5JG-16383-00-00 Clutch Boss & Spring

5JG-16384-00-00 Seat Plate


Dan I did the mod to my '00.

Look closely at the spring plate, it has outside stamped on it. It goes in like this

pressure plate< ) >seat plate/inner hub

Don't redo your arm until you have a few hours on it as the freeplay seems to come back as it breaks in.

Ok tanks F-Pilot

I'm sorry to hear that I was too much in a hurry to look closely at the parts (what a dumbass I am....lol)...anyway I'll reinstall it in the proper way.

Thanks for the hint about the lost freeplay too, I was pissed to get back to harder clutch pull. I'll try it like it is now for a time, then decide later if I redo it or not

What a helpfull board isn't it...


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