"06 yz450f noise after rebuild

Just rebuilt my yz 450f from the crank up...it runs good but hear a vibration or rattle type noise when decelerating...just once in a while and for a short time. I'm concerned about riding it until I can figure out if it's serious. Any ideas?

Could be so many things man...You need to give us more info, where the noise seems to be coming from, did you have your cylinder resurfaced, or just rebuilt with stock rings without a hone job, any work done to your valves, were all bottom end bearings replaced, etc...Could just be normal noise, or chain slap, or even like my 07 which had a welding bead piece rattling around inside the frame (which I never would've found if not for tearing the bike down completely, and was solved with a little squirt of foam insulation spray through a tiny hole)...

So anyway, I'm pretty sure that's why you haven't gotten more responses yet, there's just not enough info for us to go off of, could be just about anything...

New cam chain?

take a mechanic stethoscope and touch around the rattle and you might be able to pin point the location.

Thanks for the reply...I replaced cyl, piston, crank, both crank bearings, cam chain, 3 intake valves, and oil pump. So far to find the source, I've only removed the exhaust pipe springs because thats the kind of rattle it could be from...but that was't it.

Good idea...I'll try a stethoscope

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